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perl interface to lifelines

Thursday, October 31st, 2002

I’ve started hacking a perl interface into lifelines so reports don’t have to be written in lifelines scripting language.

Until it is far enough along to check it cvs, grab an early snapshot from

i-zimbra was up for 353d 22h 00m

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2002

Well it had to end. i-zimbra a whitebox Pentium 200 running Red Hat 7.1 was up for 353d 22h 00m when a snow-induced power failure was out longer than the UPS system could handle.

353d 22h00m

When it rebooted this morning, i-zimbra was ranked at #14 for‘s Current Top 100 uptimes for Linux machines. It now is #35 on the All times Top 100 uptimes for Linux machines list and #52 on the All times Top 100 uptimes.

RKS Marketing & Web Design — reputable marketing company or spamhaus?

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2002

Hmm, I just got some more Unsolicited Commerical Email (UCE) from again. Sheeh, and this is after I called and left a message for “Jeffrey A. Spina, D.C. – Editor” by calling (845) 342-0000.

Again I gave them a call (~8pm EST), but they office was closed. I left polite voice mail that told them that spam/UCE was not a good way to advertise their company and asked to be removed from their list and for them to email me.

Then I decided to give RKS Marketing & Web Design ( a call at (952) 417-7040 since they hold the copyright of the website design. The receiptionist forwarded
me to ‘Rog’ (sp?) who informed me that they create similar website for over 200 doctors offices and send out millions of pieces of mail on their behalf. I informed him that I live more than 500 miles away from both or He said I must have signed up for their free newletter which I told him was not possible since I’ve never lived anywhere near there.

I have run a genealogy mailing list that has a New York State focus and have a number of relatives in the Orange County area, but none would have used my email address, even by accident. I asked that my email address be removed as well as my domain,, be put on their banned email list. We’ll see if I get more junk mail from them or not.

I’ve sent email to:, href="">,
pointing them to these webblog entries:

The funny thing is if you go a search on either href="">northrocklandhealth or href="">middletownhealth
my weblog entry is the first hit!

I did some googling on ‘ href="">rksmarketing‘
and see that they use to analyse their website hits. Take a look at the href=";geo?tag=rstieg">geographic breakdown of hits and notice all the 1, 2, 3 page requests from all kinds of different countries. I wonder if people are looking at their page in response to some spam. One from Brunei, two hits from Saudi Arabia and Thailand, three from Indonesia. reputable mailing list marketing company or spamhaus?

Monday, October 21st, 2002

A few years ago I bought a new PC from a large computer manufacturer and dutifully registered with them using a web interface and provided them with a particular email address so I could track who they sold it to. I own my own domain name and have it setup so anything(at) gets forwarded to my default address.

So I’ve gotten tired getting junk mail to this particular account — there are over 150 messages in just the first 20 days of October. Most of the messages have a message about click here to reply to this
message and be removed from the mailing list. The most common one from the href=""> list. Since a lot of spammers use this trick to find ‘live’ email addresses, I was hesitant to remove the address that way. Since thier website looked reasonable and provided a phone number I called up on Friday (17-Oct-2002) and asked the nice woman on the phone to remove the email address. I told her how I track who sold my email and she had no idea how my email make it from the large computer manufacturer to their mailing list but assured me that she would take off the list. I mentioned that some of the email didn’t have their removal notice and said that they just send out the email from lists provided by their
customers and the customers should always have the notice.

Well, it is the weekend and I’m still getting spam to that account, albiet none with the message. I’m wondering if is just feeding me a line or what. The companies still spamming me are:,,, (yes with the funky spelling), (with the l33t spelling), and

Here is what the junk box holds for that address:

 144     Oct 19 reply-34872443- ( 117) Check It Out Nortans Software!
 145     Oct 19 Tremendous Buys ( 316) Know what your family does online
 146     Oct 19 ScreenSaver     ( 198) Free Haunted House Screen Saver
 147     Oct 19 GreatDeals      (  81) Important Pet Halloween News
 148     Oct 19 Cool Mail       ( 792) Friend, Government Secured Certificates That Pay You 16%, 18%, up to 50%!!
 149     Oct 19 EveryDayOffers  (  38) Double your Download Speed and get Free Software
 150     Oct 19 Cool Mail       ( 792) Friend, Government Secured Certificates That Pay You 16%, 18%, up to 50%!!
 151     Oct 20 Tremendous Buys ( 198) For the Lip Plumper: Full Pouty Lips - A s Seen On NBC Today Show
 152     Oct 20 Kate            ( 218) Order Confirmation
 153     Oct 20 Super Best Deal ( 790) Friend, Government Secured Certificates That Pay You 16%, 18%, up to 50%!!
 154     Oct 20 Cool Mail       (  92) Friend, Printer Cartridges - Save up to 80% - Free Shipping Offer
 155     Oct 20 Cool Mail       (  92) Friend, Printer Cartridges - Save up to  80% - Free Shipping Offer
 156     Oct 21 The Super Speci (  73) Friend, Prescriptions with Privacy

Lotus Agenda is dead, long live Chandler

Sunday, October 20th, 2002

I had almost forgotten about Lotus Agenda when I saw a pointer to Mitch Kapor’s blog where he talks about his new open source project PIM, Chandler, that is ‘in the spirit’ of Agenda.

Way back in the late 1980s/early 1990s I worked in the then DEC/Digital VMS (now OpenVMS) development group and PCs where first showing up on engineer desktops. Microsoft Word 2.x and Lotus Agenda were pretty much all it was used for. The nice thing about Agenda was you could just dump in random notes and it would semi-automatically index, sort and categorize them. So a “email Rich project functional design doc” would make a todo entry under email, link to Rich’s email and also be searchable by ‘functional design doc’.

I have hundreds of email messages (RMAIL files read by evolution, mutt and just plain Mail), status reports (in Microsoft Word format as required by my management chain), notes to myself (simple ASCII text), personal and business contacts (Palm Pilot synced to Evolution Address Book as well as the corporate LDAP). To be able to search for all references to “Joe FieldPerson at onsite at BigCompany” would be a godsend.

OSA Foundation mailing lists:

Jeffrey A. Spina, D.C. – Another Spamming Doctor — Don’t do business with spammers

Sunday, October 13th, 2002

It seems that this is the week for Doctors Who Spam(tm)! As with
the spam from Dr. Jay H. Schwartz, D.C, this looks like Jeffrey A. Spina, D.C. has signed up with marketing company that uses Unsolicited Commercial Email/Unsolicited Bulk Email.

Friday afternoon I gave Jeffrey A. Spina’s office a call and talked to the receptionist who told me the doctor was too busy and took down my name, email and phone number. No call back yet.

This spam from
looks remarkably similar to the
spam. See
for yourself

Did you get this spam too? If so give him a call (try collect) and politely explain why spamming is not a good way to drum up business. Here is the contact info from

        Middletown Health Online
        54 Dolson Ave.
        Middletwon, NY 10940 (Yes, they misspelled the name of the town, Middletown)
        Jeffrey A. Spina, D.C. - Editor
        Phone: (845) 342-0000
        Fax: (845) 342-0000

Please remember that the only reason people spam is because some small fraction of the recipients actually respond to the ad. Please don’t do business with spammers. Thanks!

Here is the spam I received twice. Be aware that I live about 4 hours from where Jeffrey A. Spina, D.C. practices and have never signed up for any sort of medical mailing list.

From Fri Oct 11 16:01:29 2002
Return-path: <>
Delivery-date: Fri, 11 Oct 2002 16:01:29 -0400
Subject: Middletown Health Online
Message-Id: <>
Date: Fri, 11 Oct 2002 16:08:53 -0400 (EDT)
Lines: 286

Middletown Health Online: All kinds of healthy "stuff" 

"Just keep banging until someone opens the door."

Middletown Health Online, as a free community service,
broadcasts health information to many thousands
of local residents to help improve quality of life
and to provide assistance when having to make
important healthcare decisions. 

We apologize if you received this e-mail in error. To unsubscribe
simply click

Jeffrey A. Spina, D.C. - Editor





1. Family Tips - Laughing away the pain
2. Light & Easy - Beating the blues with exercise
3. Just the facts - Eye Safety
4. Question-of-the-month - Doctors keeping you waiting?
5. Feature Article - Growing up with orthotics
6. Late Breaking Consumer & Natural Health News
7. If selling your home - It's all about curb appeal
8. Health Department Updates
9. Community Calendar - Wazzup 'round town?


1. Laughing has got to be good for you!
A new study indicates laughter may reduce pain as much as 40%.
Can something that make you feel good stop you from feeling bad?
UCLA Medical Center researchers continue testing this in their
pain labs. How about working there?

Apparently kids are asked to submerge their hands in ice water.
Those watching "funny videos" where able to keep their
hands submerged 40% longer. 

The notion that humor might produce healing enhancing changes
in the body is gaining respect. Regardless, we can all laugh a little
more, and that has to be good.

Excerpts reproduced with permission from
Chiropractic Wellness & Fitness Magazine


Wednesday, October 2nd, 2002

I ran across this little app today. One of those things I was going to code up but never got around to doing.

Linux User #6436

Wednesday, October 2nd, 2002

Are you a registered Linux User?

linux user 6436

I am and so should you.