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The Orange County Genealogical Society Quarterly / Volume 33, Number 1 Quarterly (May 2003)

Wednesday, May 21st, 2003

[What is this?]

  • Death of Member: OCGS Vice President Roger A. King
  • Cemetery Law Project Update
  • Written on Stone (in memory of Roger A. King)
  • Donations: Horton Cemetery Tombstones (Kent County, MI);
  • Queries
  • Answers to Queries
  • Ancestor Table: Sarah Anne Emmerson
  • Orange County Wills
  • Bible Records: Knapp Family with Farley Family Information
  • Gannon Family Information
  • Golden Hill Race Course (from Goshen’s Independent Republican 2 Jan 1878) li>

  • Benjamin Thompson’s Civil Ware Experiences
  • Where They Went (Wayne Co, Pennsylvania)
  • Newburgh Directory for 1858-1859
  • Orange County New York Early Marriages (pre-1810)
  • Records of Town of Wallkill, Orange County, NY (1881-1909)
  • Howell Y-DNA testing needed
  • Programming (1 June 2003 ‘How to read a hebrew tombstone just about anywher
    e in the world’ (Judith Langer-Surnamer Caplan); 5 July 2003 – No program; 2 Au
    g 2003 not yet scheduled)

HP PSC 750 color flatbed all-in-one works great with debian

Wednesday, May 21st, 2003

Given that most of the new scanners from HP are not supported under
Linux, it was nice to see that this printer/copier/scanner works fine.

Here are the packages I needed:

apt-get install hpoj hpoj-xojpanel  hpscanpbm libsane-extras

Scan directly from gimp (File->Acquire->Xsane), sane or the command line scanimage.

More debian packages installed on the laptop today

Tuesday, May 20th, 2003
  • dnstop — sniff & watch dns traffi
  • dirvish — multiple backups of onl
    ine storage, uses ssh. Currently my
    laptop gets rsync’ed to the work desktop, but it isn’t done frequently
    or consistently enough…
  • springgraph — creates graphs
    of nodes. It could be handy to use it to graph genealogy relationships.
  • jnettop — sniffs and graphs netwo
    rk traffic. I’m a sucker for
    network traffic graphers.
  • pornview — just because it has s
    uch a great name

Gymnastics Village 1st place at New England Championships (Class 7, Age 6-7)

Sunday, May 18th, 2003

Trevor’s team from href="">Gymnastics Village placed
1st at today’s New England Championships in Stoughton, MA.
Congratulations href="">team!
Congratulations href="">Igor!

Today was NH’s Young Inventors’ Invention Convention

Saturday, May 17th, 2003

Today was the 17th annual celegration of the New Hampshire Young
Inventors’ program which is sponsored by the href="">Academy of Applied Science.

Spencer’s ‘Heat Now!’ invention was given the 6th grade
‘Environmental Award’ and the Medical Special Award. The
latter one is given by the New
Hampshire Medical Society
and came with a $50 saving bond. He was
just beaming.

The first guest speaker was Ken Hakuta, better known as href="">Dr. Fad, the inventor of the “Wacky
WallWalker” who unloaded a boatload of his flag ship toy to each of
the kids.

The second guest speaker were Kati Fairweather, a local high school
inventor who was recently awarded a patent for her href="
Loss Lacrosse” (aka “Tethered practice apparatus”) and href="
by Brine..

Tomorrow href="">Trevor
is competing in the Class 7 New England Championships meet down in
Stoughton, MA. Who said weekends were made for relaxing ;-)

Unintentional Guerilla Marketing

Friday, May 16th, 2003

I was IM’ing with Scott of
Fuzzyblog fame about
feedster and got to chatting about the work href=""
my group does at HP. He thought
it was interesting enough to give it a href="">mention on his

Nice Mozilla extensions

Friday, May 16th, 2003

Lunar Eclipse tonight

Thursday, May 15th, 2003

Our 6th
grader’s science teacher
is giving out extra credit if the
students see the lunar eclipse tonight. It took 10 minutes to wake
and get Spencer outside, but unfortunately it is very cloudy and we
couldn’t see anything.

“MSIE – I command you to open the CD drive!”

Wednesday, May 14th, 2003

Right thinking people use Mozilla or other
web browsers and, of course, are safe from this
little hack. Add it to *your* website.
(View source to see the 11 lines of VBScript.)

Found this on Give them the cr

I’ve pointed my windows-lovin’ coworkers to

Who is

Friday, May 9th, 2003

I was checking out my access logs and saw that
is referencing a bunch of images on my webserver. It looks like they
are using blosxom as some sort of aggregator. Take a look at href="">

Its nic
e to be noticed, I suppose.

I’m guessing their day job is at and it looks like
they use a sun workstation to surf. :-)