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Greater Grater Woods geocache replaced

Thursday, May 10th, 2007

This evening Griffin, Trevor and I replaced the Greater Grater Woods (GC10QMW) geocache that some kids trashed. It was the one near the north part of the Grater Woods property near some very large rocks — it turns out that it is about 500ft from Beebe Lane. Last winter that area seemed so far and remote, but it is very close to a number of homes.

We were going to replace the camera in the Lesser Grater Woods cache, but now that we can’t just walk across the frozen water, you have to go east around the beaver pond or just approach it from the MMS side. Maybe tomorrow evening.

I brought along my camera and GPS and took a bunch of photos that you can see via Google Maps.

Either click here to see it on Google’s site.

(Click on some of the photo icons)

Or if you have the Google Earth (free for Windows/Mac/Linux) application installed, click here and it should run on your PC (and faster, more features).

There is a free open source application, gpicsync, for Windows/Linux that takes the GPS track info and matches it up with the timestamp of the photos and generates a file for Google Earth to use.

Hillary Clinton @ Hampton, NH

Sunday, April 15th, 2007

Hillary Clinton in Hampton, NH
Hillary Clinton in Hampton, NH

Hillary and our family
Senator Clinton and most of Nozell/Thomas family

Hillary Clinton in Hampton, NH
Senator Clinton in Hampton, NH

Carol Shea-Porter
US State Representative Carol Shea-Porter

Maggie Wood Hassan
NH State Senator Maggie Wood Hassan

Hillary Clinton in Hampton, NH

NH Gymnastics Team Meet

Friday, April 13th, 2007

After missing the New England Regional Gymnastics meet at MIT because of illness, Trevor had a great meet last weekend.

2007 Boys’ Team Meet (Level 5 & 4) at NEGTC (Hudson, NH)

Floor: 9.1
Pommel: 9.0
Rings: 9.5
Vault: 9.8
Pbars: 9.3
Hbars: 9.3
AA: 56.0

Both the Level 4 and Level 5 Boys’ teams from Gymnastics Village won 1st place.

Concentration on the Rings

Rings Tuck

Handstand on P-Bars

New Hampshire Gymnastics Championships (2006-07)

Sunday, March 18th, 2007

Yesterday was the NH State Championships for boys level 5-10 at Gymnastics At Brentwood Commons.

Trevor placed 2nd in the All Around and will be heading to the New England Regionals at MIT next weekend.

Floor: 9.4 — 2nd place
Pommel: 7.5
Rings: 9.2 — 2nd place
Vault: 9.6 — 1st place
PBars: 9.7 — 1st place
HBar: 9.1 — 2nd place

All Around — 2nd place with 54.5

I’ll upload photos to tomorrow.

Most exciting upgrade to Ubuntu/Edgy

Friday, October 27th, 2006

This morning I had a free hour and this is how I upgraded my hp compaq nc6000 laptop from Ubuntu/Dapper to Ubuntu/Edgy. After updating /etc/apt/sources.list to point to the edgy repos…

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get -dy dist-upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

Well there was a conflict between x11-common and xinit which both wanted to provide the man page XSession.5.gz.

11:45am Wendy calls me and says the school just called and Griffin is in a ambulance on the way to the hospital and to meet her there. He accidentally ate something that contained pineapple — to which he has a severe allergic reactions to.

11:49 I’m on the road approaching the hospital and get a call on my cell phone. The woman says she is the school nurse and starts saying my son is having an allergic reaction. I interrupt her and say ‘Yes, I just talked to my wife and I’ll meet the ambulance at the hospital’. She says ‘Well, your son is sitting here with me in my office.’ Then we realize she is the school nurse from a different chool and is talking about Trevor who is having an allergic reaction! Trevor had his bee/wasp allergy shot earlier this morning and is reacting to that. Since he too was having difficulty breathing, he too is sent via ambulance to the ER.

12:05 — Wendy and I both arrive at the ER before either of the kids do. Explain to the ER admitting person that yes both boys are ours, they are coming from different schools, with the same problem (allergic reaction, breathing difficulty), but different reasons (food allergy vs reaction to allergy desensitizing injection).

Long story short, after evaluation, some benedril and alburterol breathing treatments, we were sent home.

Around 3pm I worked through a few iterations of apt-get update, apt-get dist-upgrade, apt-get -f install, aptitude dist-upgrade, I have a fully upgraded from Ubuntu/Dapper to Ubuntu/Edgy.

There are a bunch of new, interesting packages to take a look out. The list is here: EdgyConfiguration

Now that was a stressful upgrade.

Photos of Merrimack Public Library Cardboard Boat Festival

Sunday, September 10th, 2006

Yesterday at Wasserman Park, the annual
Merrimack Public Library Cardboard Boat Festival was held. Check out some of these photos.



Dragonfly walk in Ponemah Bog

Sunday, July 16th, 2006

Pitcher Plants

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Yesterday the Audubon Society/NH hosted a Dragonfly walking tour of Amherst’s Ponemah Bog. There are a ton of dragonflies (which eat all the pest insects) as well as carnivorous plants like the pitcher and sundew plants.

Local dragonfly expert

Next weekend (22-Jul-2006) they are having another dragonfly walk (10am) and this time I’m going to drag some of the kids along. Be sure to wear shoes you don’t mind getting soaked.

Planks into Ponemah Bog

For directions to Ponemah Bog (amazingly close to 101A), see ASNH Ponemah Bog Sanctuary

Here is the complete photoset: Dragonfly Walk @ Ponemah Bog (Amherst, NH)

Walk New Hampshire Celebration!

Friday, June 9th, 2006

Dr. Susan Lynch, NH First Lady

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Today at the State house Plaza, NH First Lady Susan Lynch lead the Walk NH celebration.

Other speakers included NH Ski Paralympian Tyler Walker and Governor John Lynch.

Tyler Walker -- NH Paralympic Skier

NH Governor John Lynch

See the complete set of photos here.

Kids for Democracy/NH with Senator Evan Bayh

Sunday, March 26th, 2006

Kids for Democracy/NH with Senator Evan Bayh

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We attended a fundraiser this afternoon for Betsi DeVries of Manchester’s Ward 8 who is running for State Senator. The featured speaker was Senator Evan Bayh of Indiana.

During the Q&A, Spencer asked “if we will be seeing more of you here in New Hampshire?” The answer was “Yes” ;-)

See the complete photo set here.

Griffin with Senator John Kerry

Saturday, March 11th, 2006

Griffin with Senator John Kerry

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Tonight the Kids for Democracy, NH Chapter was invited to lead the Pledge of Allegiance at a Hillsborough County dinner featuring a talk by Senator John Kerry.

See the complete set of photos on flickr here: