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Griffin with Senator John Kerry

Saturday, March 11th, 2006

Griffin with Senator John Kerry

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Tonight the Kids for Democracy, NH Chapter was invited to lead the Pledge of Allegiance at a Hillsborough County dinner featuring a talk by Senator John Kerry.

See the complete set of photos on flickr here:

Bunch of photos from yesterday’s John Kerry Rally in Manchester’s City Hall Plaza

Monday, November 1st, 2004

I uploaded a bunch of new photos from yesterday’s event:

John Kerry Rally, Manchester NH (31-Oct-2004)

Photos include:

* Granny D Haddock
* Red Sox management ( Red Sox co-owner John Henry, who was joined by partner Tom Werner and general manager Theo Epstein)
* Lou D’Alessandro
* Bunch of photos of John Kerry (natch)
* Couple of photos of Senator George Mitchell (here you go Juri of Harvard)
* Spencer in a clown suit with a sign “No more clowns in the White House”
* All the kids in halloween costume
* A photographer (from JK campaign?) taking pictures of the kids after the event (Who are you and where can I get copies?)
* Snipers on the Manchester City Hall Plaza clocktown and building (which Trevor thinks is such a cool job)

Just back from the John Kerry Rally in Manchester, NH

Sunday, October 31st, 2004

A busy, busy day — we’ve been up in Manchester since 11am and just got back with enough time to throw some dinner at the kids and send them out for trick-or-treating.

The ol’ digital camera decided it no longer liked the CF SanDisk (blinky ‘CF’) so I was forced to rely on the limited internal memory and take photos at the lowest quality. Fortunately I had the ol’ Minolta SLR, which was working and took three rolls, but those will have to wait until tomorrow.

At this rally I took some notes between keeping a eye on the kids — Wendy had a ‘pink ticket’ which means she got to stand up on stage with Kerry and a ton of other folks.

Right now most of the kids are our prowling the neighborhood so a writeup will have to wait unti later. There were a ton of people there!

Head over to flickr to see some kinda crappy photos from the event.

John Kerry in Manchester, NH tomorrow

Saturday, October 30th, 2004

George W. Bush was in Manchester at the Verizon Center on Monday and word is they were hoping for 12,000 but only 7,000 showed up! The gossip at the kids soccer game today was lots of people didn’t bother to go when they heard Red Sox pitcher Kurt Schilling backed out at the last moment. Weakening Bush support in NH!

From the flyer:

- – -

See John Kerry for the final New Hampshire Rally

Sunday, October 31st

Gates open at 12:00

City Hall Plaza, Manchester

900 Elm Street


* Musical Guests Bruce Hornsby
* Children’s Halloween Costume Content
* Candy and Free Kerry Gear

Please limit personal items

No Bags. No Signs. No Umbrellas.

For more information:

Manchester Democratic Headquarters

311 Lincoln Street

(603) 622-2549

- – -

I strongly recommend that you call the headquarters and try to get tickets for the indoor portion.

Here are some directions to City Hall Plaza.

[ Yahoo! Maps ]
Directions to
900 Elm St
Manchester, NH 03101-2007

Wendy introduces John Kerry at rally in Dover, NH

Monday, October 25th, 2004

This morning Wendy had the honor to introduce John Kerry at this Dover, NH rally.

Check out some of these photos:

John Kerry rally in Dover, NH (25-Oct-2004)

He was on fire today!

[update 27-Oct-2004]

Check out this picture on — Wendy looks so serious. Here is a taste:

See for larger image

Thanks to Shannon for this picture:

John Kerry hugs Wendy Thomas after she introduces him in Dover, NH

Some other coverage of the event
can be found on Betsy Devine: Funny Ha-Ha or Funny Peculiar?

Emma’s own “John Kerry” sign

Monday, September 27th, 2004

Emma just loves the Kerry/Edwards sign she made Saturday at the headquarters.

She knows the letters are L E 5 4 and E S 5 4 and that it says “John Kerry”.

Emma’s own John Kerry signEmma with official John Kerry sign

John Kerry in Derry, NH today

Thursday, August 19th, 2004

Wendy and the kids were invited to a John Kerry house party today in Derry, NH. Griffin, the budding artist/photographer took these pictures. Addy was disappointed Mrs Heinz-Kerry wasn’t there, but thought she drove Kerry there. (She didn’t) Trevor has decided he wants to be one of those cool secret service men, one of which looked like Agent Smith except for his hair.

Here is the press release for the event:
[Kerry Outlines Health Care Plan to Bring Down Costs for Families, Strengthen the Economy and Create Jobs](

Wendy estimated there were a few hundred people there to listen. Apparently some of the neighbors were not Kerry supporters and had a bunch of W’04 posters on their lawns

John Kerry event with Chili at Merrimack, NH VFW hall

Wednesday, January 7th, 2004

Man a long event! We got there at 7 and left around 9:30! The kids
were well behaved but tired. I have scratched notes on my palm pilot,
but translation to english and blogging it will have to wait until


* very good, but non-Atkins, chili
* Mostly middle age, middle/upper middle class income crowd
* warmed up the crowd with a couple of jokes
* rude female heckler interruped a few times (education, taxes, why
did you Kerry & Sheehen do more when in office) who left early
* mostly well rounded stump speech, number of promises if elected,
executive orders, fair tax code, health care for all, military,
jobs, jobs, jobs, oil dependancy -> fund hydrogen
research/development, etc.
* NH Voters for me because only I can beat Bush, don’t use your vote
to ‘make a point’
* our 12 yr old had the last question “What makes you different from
all the other candidates?” (a surprise to my wife and I who didn’t
prompt him)
* afterwards chatted up Kerry’s literal coat holder about Bush’s
immigration policy announcement (Kerry didn’t mention it) and that
our particular issues were public education/special education and
civil liberties. He also dragged Kerry over for a picture with the

On the way home Wendy and I talked about whether ‘voting to make a
point’ is the right thing to do to have someone beat Bush, so I guess
Kerry did his job.

For the brave, here are my notes directly from the palm pilot…


cold - cheny
dont see to mulh  - comp conserj
fire fight
  $ in irhq - not in us
 not bush lite - not lite mil/fair midh
dress up bush
loss jobs
  $ unfair
lobby - polut - big Bus  - big Ag
money   - to  law
misson accomdlishe
lay off gwb
no pac $
money cink uotes
right to living wage
tyco - corporate mug ameaic
some on enaon in jail
tax code     -no ins to move overssas
write exe order   no  lobby 5yr
all meetng - w lob official record
truman vision - health care for all - personal - prost cured
bro of teacher - #what have you done# - bush cut a deal
repub to vote
nice spin - this dem
bush no  $ in no child
will fullh fund no child (40 sped)
aud- mih age
no hostage youn die  to mid oil
more 500m jobs - hydrogen
lose nukes - global warm - book : new war - over extended mil  need work with o
some want to raise tax
nat sec
who can beat gwb - dont just send mgg
harry sherr  from harvard center?
Q1- health care - salary - for profit
kids covere
q2  - dave -
tax on rich - fed pay catastric - 1000 tax cut
q3 - russian democacacy on decline trust russia
q4  how win? Buildinq momemti
gwb/rove  - standup to bush

John Kerry is hosting a Chili dinner at the Merrimack VFW tonight 7pm

Wednesday, January 7th, 2004

Last night we got an automated message (“press 1 if you are planning
on attending”) from ex-NH Governor Jean Shaheen inviting me to John
Kerry’s chili meet-n-greet this evening.

The whole family will be there. Expect a write up and pictures later
this evening.

John Kerry talking to a Veterns’ group in Manchester, NH

Saturday, November 8th, 2003

This morning on the way to drop off some of the kids at art lessons at
the Currier I saw a small film
crew outside a restaurant on Elm Street in Manchester. I walked down
to see what was the happening and John Kerry was meeting with a
veterns group. He was just finishing up and working the room of vets.

John Kerry in Manchester, NH (8Nov2003)

are some pictures of John Kerry at a resturant in Manchester, NH.