William Bull & Sarah Wells Genealogy wiki

I’ve created a Bull Genealogy wiki for anyone researching a BULL family surname. While any BULL family is welcome, primary focus is on the descendants of William Bull and Sarah Wells of Orange County, NY, USA.

Parents of Edwin O. Nozell & Olive Bull's at their wedding (nozell-20030503-10a-05)

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5 Responses to “William Bull & Sarah Wells Genealogy wiki”

  1. Katie says:

    Looking for Hattie Bull married to Jesse Weeks. Son Jesse Hunt Weeks is my great grandfather. Been searching for years to find him. Any help appreciated
    Thank you

  2. I am looking for parents or other ancesters for Belinda Bull, Married to John B Allen. Born 1800 Baltimore, Maryland. Lived in Macon, Knox CO Ill. The Bull and Allen families were early settlers of Royalton, Ohio. I have found them in the 1850 census. There is a Josiah Bull living next door. He and Belinda are about the same age-possible brother and sister. If anyone has any information about her I would be most appreciative. I have found much about her husband and children but I can find nothing about her.

  3. Jane Carlson says:

    I am looking for the Bull family that is descended from Ole Bornemann Bull, the famous Norwegian violinist – 1810-1880. I realize this is a long shot….thanks…Jane Carlson

  4. Leslie says:

    William Bull and Sarah Wells would be my 7x’s great grandparents. Learning some pretty interesting information on them. Thanks for the site.

  5. Patti says:

    I am trying to find more information about Joseph Abell, who had a daughter named Angeline. She married William Bull – maybe in 1859 or close. Joseph built a house for her in 1859. I’d like to know when she married and the name of her mother.

    We have a Patsy Wells in our line and she married a Major Waters in Nov 1809. She is the daughter of Samuel Wells.

    I have more information if anyone thinks they can use it and if someone can tell me more about what I’m seeking I would be very happy.